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About Our Spa

We are a European Facial Spa based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana!

What are the main differences you see between European facial techniques and American techniques?


European facial techniques include more massage and touch, a more holistic approach, after all, Europeans are pioneers in facial care. In contrast, American facial treatments are faster and medically focused, ie. With stronger lights, plastic gloves, more machines, less ambience overall. I include both. I sneak into the machines after my clients leave. The goal is to always have them on the edge of sleep with lighting, aromas, sounds and touch. They leave renewed, in peace and very happy. 


My name is Enisa Ena Lukovic. I was born and raised in Europe - Montenegro, which was formerly -Yugoslavia. My family immigrated to the United States in the 1970's. I later followed in 1990. In 1998, I began my career as a registered esthetician in New York and New Jersey. Over the years, I have graciously enjoyed the opportunity I have had to grow with my clients with the support of my children, family and friends.

My passion and dedication has only strengthened throughout the 15 years that I have dedicated toward my career in the skin care profession. I take pride in witnessing the positive effects in my clients lives - Both personally and professionally. A woman's self-image and confidence can be largely impacted by improved facial and body skin complexion. The heightened empowerment I witness as a result of my work is one of the most rewarding outcomes of my many dedicated years in practice and continued education all throughout Europe.